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Neuromuscular Relaxation - the holistic relaxation treatment!

Thank you for your interest in Neuromuscular Relaxation, a treatment method well-known in Germany based from Chiropractic medicine. I am from Germany and have previously been working as a Vitametiker since 2005. Now I am living in England and have brought this therapy here to help people and establish the practice over here.

This holistic treatment is for the relaxation of the muscles, spine and nervous system. It enhances the ability of the body to regenerate itself and activates its self-healing capacity to give relief from ailments.

Pressure at work and in private life can cause us stress. Too much stress affects our health and well being. Repeated, continuing, severe stress has a weakening and demoralising effect, which may make it more difficult to do anything about the factors that are causing the stress.

  •     Do you find it hard to concentrate?

  •     Do you get a sore neck, especially when turning your head?

Then you should get to know Neuromuscular Relaxation.

Holistic Health Care

Physical and mental challenges and stress of everyday life cause our muscles to tense up permanently. This muscle tension puts pressure on the nerves which affects our well being, especially along our spine. In time this can cause malpositioning and pain and eventual affect the whole organism. For example causing back and neck pain, headaches and migraines, sleep disorders, stomach upsets,

The Aim

The aim of neuromuscular relaxation is to relax the whole musculature. How this is achieved? A gentle impulse (pressure) on the lateral neck muscles induces the muscles to relax, at first along the spine and then the relaxation spreads to the whole body. Malpositions can be balanced out and the pressure of tensed up muscles on the nerves is relieved. The body now has the chance to relieve trapped nerves, cramps, tension, pains and complaints.

Neuromuscular relaxation uses a holistic treatment to enhance the body's capacity to regenerate itself and activates its self-healing powers.

Sabine Wuensche

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Ideal for people living in Southampton (Totton, Romsey, Wellow, Lyndhurst, Ashurst), New Forest, Bournemouth, Salisbury and I even travel to London to provide treatment.

Alternative Stress Relief Therapy

Sabine Wuensche

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